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Implementing projects that make Albania a better place.

The potential TID in Vlora is located is known as the Justin Godart Building Ensemble. The area is full with historical milestones, not just for the city, but the country as a whole. This intervention aims to bring to light one of the most important historical areas within the city that holds testimony to the city’s past.

The main objective of the project is the “Restoration and urban requalification of the built urban ensemble Justin Godart”, Vlora, in order to increase tourism and in consequence the economic development of the area through restoration, conservation and the rehabilitation of the traditional houses and cultural heritage areas.

TID Gjirokaster – The potential TID in Gjirokaster is located in the Old Bazaar at the heart of the historical part of the city. This project includes the preparation phase of the full restoration design from the Old Bazaar as well as Cerciz Topulli square.

The revitalization and commercialization of the historic city center of Gjirokaster will directly impact the development of the communities and businesses in the area. Their quality of life will be directly improved.

The Old Bazaar of Korça is an ensemble of trade, craft, and residential buildings with urban-architectural and artistic values that dates back to the 19th century. The collection of buildings is a testimony to the existence of craftsmen and tradesmen who at that time had a deep influence on the economic and social life of the country. The AADF has partnered with the Government of Albania, Municipality of Korça and the local business community to revitalize the Old Bazaar of Korça.

The bazaar has become one of the main tourist attractions of the city, a must-see experience. AADF restauration portion was completed by October 2015. The Foundation is also supporting businesses operating in the area with advisory services as well as small grants in order to improve their efficiency and make the best use of the new opportunities which are being created. A businesses association named TID Korça, was founded in coordination with the Municipality of Korca and businesses in the area on March 2017. The association is leading and overseeing the daily management of the area.

The AADF chose the city of Kruja, the most visited city in Albania for the establishment of the first TID in order to help promote tourism and to ensure preservation of cultural heritage resources. The project will focus on the the restoration of the buildings in the Old Bazaar including roofs, facades, lighting and signage, underground works and improvement of cobblestones. The AADF will provide advisory services and grants to businesses operating in the area as well as institutional support.

A TID association has already been created by the AADF, Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Kruja and business owners from the Bazaar. Its objectives will be to promote as well as manage the TID area. Promotional activities will also be carried out for locally produced foods and other goods in and around the city.

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